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Does the grind to create income and impact got you feeling stressed and out of balance?


Life can get crazy, especially when you are an Ecopreneur.


In our Ecopreneur Mastermind, we will help you achieve blissful balance and create more passion, purpose, and positive impact in your life while tapping into an inspiring community!

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"The Ecopreneur Mastermind couldn’t have come at a better time in my life! I was struggling to remain focused on weekly tasks to achieve my bigger goal . I’ve been able to get clear on my mission, set attainable weekly goals and be held accountable in the most loving way. My confidence has increased drastically and so has my coaching business. Thank you Ecopreneur Evolution!!!"

CEO/ Founder- Healing With Cristy

Are you one of those people who have a ton of goals every week and can never seem to get them all accomplished?


Or one of those people who don’t set goals and just float day-to-day?


We know the struggle and that’s why we created the Ecopreneur Mastermind to help you establish your true priorities, reverse engineer goals to achieving your definition of success, and hold you accountable in the process. 

The Ecopreneur Evolution Mastermind is for Ecopreneurs and aspiring Ecopreneurs who need structure and want more balance in their personal & professional life while striving to make a massive positive change.


If you want structure, support, accountability, and a like-minded community... 


Don't delay. Sign up now before all the spots fill up.


The Ecopreneur Mastermind could be the catalyst to unlocking your definition of success & happiness like you've never experienced it!


We are excited to announce we have a new tribe starting soon and have limited spots available.

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