What is an Ecolab?

A hub for Ecopreneurs created from upcycled shipping containers which are equipped with all the necessary tools and resources to start a sustainable business.

Educating communities

on how to change their world through high-tech innovation, small- business fundamentals, mindfulness practices, organic farming, and art.

Rebuilding communities

by providing equal opportunity to all through the creation of accessible common spaces, education, resources. 

Providing an opportunity for people to connect. 

Connecting with nature, their community, themselves, the power of their ideas and the problems facing us all.

What inside an Ecolab?


TECHNOLOGY- We supply all the necessary tech to connect the Ecolab including wifi, over a dozen laptops, desktops, and tablets as well as 3D Printers, Printers, Projectors

UPCYCLING MACHINES- State of the art machines to upcycle plastic waste into items of utility using a plastic shredder, extruder and molding machines.

ART SUPPLIES- From whiteboards to easels and clay, we will have all the supplies to create masterpieces

LIBRARY- Loaded with hundreds of related books to help educate!

ORGANIC FARMING SUPPLIES- Everything to start the vertical garden from seeds, soil, water, and all the tools necessary.




Each Ecolab is completely customizable per the community needs. We have constructed the Ecolab into a flexible design to be able to easily rearranged and modified to the specifications that best serve each unique community.



As shipping containers are ubiquitous and the vast global distribution system in place, the Ecolab is completely mobile and can be placed on a truck and/or ship and be delivered nearly anywhere in the world. The Ecolab can travel around a community or even be rapidly mobilized to serve natural disaster relief and rebuilding.

Ecolabs Impact

Ecopreneur Evolution, along with the Ecolabs, Experts, and the Enterprise, promotes economic growth, productive employment, and meaningful work by empowering and equipping people around the world with the skills and mindset necessary to lift up their communities. We are creating free access to inclusive and equitable education that promotes lifelong learning and economic opportunities.

Our Ecolabs will have a carbon neutral climate impact and will create drawdown through the following components.

  • Rainwater collection
  • Solar energy
  • Vertical farming
  • Plastic Upcycling
  • Composting food/waste
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Education

Ecopreneur Evolution promotes peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, and will help to build effective, accountable and justice-oriented institutions at all levels by guiding leaders into the triple bottom line philosophy of having their sustainable businesses operate in accordance with people, planet and profit.

Talent is equally distributed but the opportunity is not. What could we do if we tapped into the brainpower of the 4 billion-plus people living at the bottom of the economic pyramid? 

What can you do to help unlock all that untapped potential?”

- Leila Janah

Ecolab Pilot in

Kyebando Kissalosalo, Kampala Uganda 

Since the launch, this project has brought environmental awareness to the community, inspired thousands of people to dream big and actualize their dreams all while cleaning and preserving their local community. Uganda was a great showcase of how we can rapidly mobilize a team at a low cost to make an extraordinary impact in a short period of time.


“The Ecolab is the gateway to the rest of the world!”

Klyne Katongole Frank- Manger of the Uganda Ecolab

With your help! We can:

  • Empower Entrepreneurship
  • Clean up communities
  • Create sustainable innovation
  • Educate underprivileged kids
  • Prevent climate change
  • Help create jobs
  • Clean up the environment
  • Provide Opportunities
  • Increase environmental awareness

Join us, join the movement to restore global harmony by supporting Ecopreneurs around the world.


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