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"We all know that if we want to save the planet we need everyone to be involved and committed. Take care of your planet, become an Ecopreneur!"
Nina Py Brozovich, Bolivia
Founder- Fridays for Future Bolivia
"The Ecopreneur Evolution is the best online course that I have found on the market! It breaks down step-by-step how aspiring entrepreneurs can create, monetize and scale their sustainable business idea. Highly recommend diving in, following the lessons and taking massive action. The world needs us now more than ever!"
Cary Jack, USA
Founder- The Happy Hustle
"At the Global Citizen Forum we put a very strong focus on building networks and creating communities, in order to push for thriving ecosystems and growth, this one of the main reason we must have Ecopreneurs from around the world connect and work together."

Talimka Yordanova, Bulgaria
CEO- Global Citizen Forum

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Grant Kendzior working in rural Guatemala

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