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About Ecopreneur Evolution

Ecopreneur Evolution bets on humanity and the creative genius and resourcefulness of people around the world.  We believe humanity can evolve through the current environmental crisis and we can restore the sacred balance between people and the planet. If the opportunity and resources are provided, and support for growth is there, Ecopreneurs will come to the rescue and design humanity back to harmony. Restoring harmony through empathy and connection, we will unleash the free-thinking necessary to solve the global environmental crisis. Ecopreneur Evolution is designed to bring the next generation of problem solvers together and coupled with the resources and know-how, they will be able to take their ideas and make them into prosperous sustainable enterprises.

Ecopreneur Evolution's Impact

Ecopreneur Evolution, along with the Ecolabs, Experts, and the Enterprise, promotes economic growth, productive employment, and meaningful work by empowering and equipping people around the world with the skills, mindset and resources necessary to lift up their communities. We are creating free access to inclusive and equitable education that promotes lifelong learning and economic opportunities.

Ecopreneur Evolution promotes peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, and will help to build effective, accountable and justice-oriented institutions at all levels by guiding leaders into the triple bottom line philosophy of having their sustainable businesses operate in accordance with people, planet and profit.

Where we serve Ecopreneurs in their growth

We are not a traditional exelerator. We take Ecopreneurs with ideas and help them become sustainable profitable start-ups. We are a system for Ecopreneurs, not to give them the answers but support in the creation of their solutions to get them off the ground.

We want to help close the gap for opportunities to growth in the entrepreneurial sector by supporting with education, accountability, community and finances and opening a global distribution network to increase market potential from local to global.

We serve early stage individuals focused on creating a sustainable business but lack the education, resources, and support to getting their business to a point of access to institutional support.

Ecopreneur Evoltuion's Founders

Grant Kendzior

Grant is an explorer and adventurer and avid nature lover who has led projects around the world, from the rural jungle of Guatemala where he was working with local indigenous women, to the garbage heaps in Ugandan refugee camps, to the Amazon rainforest of Bolivia where he was working with local animal refugees and indigenous leaders. Grant has spoken around the world to audiences of all sizes and backgrounds. From students in schools and universities to speaking at the United Nations in both Switzerland and NYC. Grant is experienced in activating concepts such as: climate change, sustainable supply chains and material sourcing, circular economies, corporate social responsibility, impact investing, B-corporations, recycling, and upcycling.

  • Grant earned a Bachelors degree in Business Management from the Warrington College of Business at the University of Florida specializing in Leadership and Strategic Management. 
  • Grant received his Masters of Science in Entrepreneurship from the Hough Graduate School of Business at the University of Florida

Maria Daniela Velasco

Venezuelan born in Caracas with a 27 years walked path. Free and caring soul, passionate and determined to build a much kinder world. Anthropologist, veterinary assistant, founder / CEO of the NGO Okospiri and shareholder / director of Legados Films company. Philanthropist by nature, creative and part of the tribe that speaks through actions. Entrepreneur with a strength  grounded in gratitude and in lifting others. Earth activist with a deep purpose to create a harmonious connection between us human beings and in our relationship with other especies. The motivation, empathy and service are part of my essence. Everyday I strive to build solid foundations to create the opportunities that will allow the visibility of stories, hearts and voices of those more vulnerable around  the world.